Looking for DiscountAdvances.com ?


DiscountAdvnaces.com was a direct lender operated by Chattanooga payday lender and philanthropist Carey V. Brown.  It ceased operations in August 2013 under pressure from New York Bank regulators for improper lending practices.  Brown contends that his payday websites were technically operated from offshore computer servers, and therefore did not need comply with state law.

The following Payday and Cash Advance services were operated by Brown and have ceased operations;


  • PayDayMax.com
  • DiscountAdvances.com
  • MyCashNow.com


Are you looking for an alternative to DiscountAdvances for your emergency cash needs?

The following lenders have similar fixed fee structures and have been reviewed by this site;


CashNet USAFixed $15 Fee StructureDirect Lender
My Payday Loan
Fixed $30 Fee StructureDirect Lender